Vehicle Graphics are one of the most affordable and effective ways to advertise your company

Vehicle Graphics

When we look at a company, the logo and branding are the first things we notice. UPS for example, has worked their branding into everything from their uniforms to their fleet of delivery vehicles. We instantly know who they are and what they do when we see their brown, boxy truck with yellow lettering. One way they and others have accomplished that brand recognition is through effective use of vehicle fleet graphics

Benefits of Vehicle Graphics

A good fleet graphic creates a sense of professionalism your customers will be able to pick up on and communicate that you are professional and care about quality

Vehicle graphics help create brand recognition. When a customer sees your vehicle with your logo and graphics, it reinforces your brand wherever you drive or park that vehicle. That means you’ll be top of mind should they ever need your products or services.
Vehicle wraps are cost effective. The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of fleet graphics is cheaper than most any other form of advertising

According a study conducted by 3M, one truck traveling around a city can net 16 million impressions in a year. Businesses who outfitted their commercial fleets with graphics also saw 15 times more name recognition than other advertising methods. Imagine the potential impact your company can have in Manchester, or throughout Lancashire, utilizing this very effective marketing strategy