Compliments Slips

Are Compliments Slips Still An Effective Means Of Promoting Your Business?

It would be a mistake to think that in this digital era we live in there is no longer a use for the Compliments Slips. They are as useful in this modern age as they have always been.


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Tangible Marketing

Complement Slips can give you the chance to get creative and provide something that is both functional and fun.

Compliment slips have been around for a long time and should be a part of your business’ stationery set as they can bridge the gap between the compact use of business cards and the large-scale letterhead.

The Professional Business Touch

Whether you’re sending out a brochure, setting up a stand at an event, or posting some samples, a compliment slip is a must have.

It gives people the information they need to get in touch with you in a large enough format that it won’t get lost.  They can often be used when business cards just aren’t enough.


When you only need to write a few words, pulling out the letterhead might be overkill. A quick note to a client is best on a piece of stationery made for that purpose.

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