Regardless of the size or type of business you’re running, you’re definitely going to need a well-designed, visually captivating Letterhead for that essential professional touch.

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The Benefits of Letterheads for Your Business

Letterheads provide businesses with a further opportunity to promote themselves. They help to build and maintain a increasingly positive reputation by portraying a professional image each and every time they send out a letter. It is also a more official means of making contact with customers and other agencies.

Letterheads present your company in the most Professional light.

Your business comes across as more official and professional: When you send correspondence out on letterhead paper, it will make your company come across as official and much more professional.

A powerful marketing tool: Using letterhead paper for your letters works as a powerful marketing too. As soon as your letter is opened, the first thing that people will be hit by it your company’s details. Every time you send out a letter you are also marketing your brand.

The appearance of the letter: With letterhead paper, you will improve the appearance of the letter. It will look far more attractive on proper, officially headed paper. This goes a long way towards reinforcing your professional image.

Why Your Letterhead Is Important

Your Company Logo

Your business has a logo for a reason. This logo will define and identify your brand, and will help your customers to recognise you. So by putting your business logo on your stationery you expose your brand and what it stands for, in turn giving you a far greater brand awareness in your industry and among your customers.

It backs up your Brand

Every business wants its customers to know that it offers the best service or the most affordable products, then your letterhead therefore needs to reinforce your brand message.

If your brand is all about providing a professional, bespoke service (for example) then you should make sure that your letterhead reflects this, whether that’s with a clean design, or by colours and fonts. Once you’ve chosen the particular identifiers, make sure to stick to them across all of your business’ communication for consistency.