Logo Design

The importance of your brand logo cannot be underestimated.

As the symbol of a business entity’s brand identity, your logo serves several extremely important functions at once. With instantaneous effect, it symbolises the heart of your business and its core values.

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Establish Trust

First Impressions Count

Stand Out from your Competition

Nurture Brand Loyalty

In two seconds your potential customers will be gone forever(!), so your brand identity needs to be sticky enough to arrest their attention. Consumers have an extremely short attention span, so your logo needs to be enticing. Visual impact is key. Your logo captures your entire business in a single instant, so it makes good sense that it be cleverly conceived and beautifully designed.

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Your Logo signifies the Authority and Influence you wield over your own particular area of the professional field. It is your most powerful tool.

It communicates ownership of the variety of products and services you provide.

To a significant degree, the range of your Brand Identity rests on the various elements found in your Logo Design: its colour scheme, its typography, and the overall design aesthetic and visual tone; all of which act as a springboard for a host of other necessary branding materials.

A strong Visual Identity is an essential consideration when  planning to launch your business into orbit so that it becomes a stable, memorable, trustworthy and successful brand in the eyes of the public. 

First Impressions Count

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression…” say the super savvy businessmen. And first impressions depend on clarity of communication. 


Establishing Trust

Empowered by a successful Brand Identity that fosters Trust and Confidence in your core values, customers will return for your services again and again.

Stand Out from your Competition

Visibility and accessibility are crucial for attracting attention in this saturated and bustling Global Marketplace.

Nurture Brand Loyalty

A host of loyal customers is a distinct asset in all matters of trade and business affairs. The rewards and perks of becoming a loyal and recognized customer are common knowledge and highly valued.

Instant Recognition

People develop a relationship with a brand within the blink of an eye. Whether that relationship is negative, neutral, positive and fleeting, or positively enduring depends on aesthetics. A beautiful Logo makes all the difference.

Positive Relations Management

Most customers naturally have a greater capacity for recognizing visual signs than for remembering names of businesses. Your Logo will effectively trigger a positive recall of memories associated with your brand.

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    Logo Design Options

    Delivering a quality Logo Design requires intelligent research, mind-mapping, lateral thinking, an understanding of colour-coding and a sprinkling of magnetic creativity. 

    Iconic Logos

    Elite business card

    Iconic Logos are symbolic,. They have an instant impact on the public. They’re non-typographic, abstract, figurative and they’re easy to recognize. 


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    Typographic (or Wordmark) Logos utilize alphabetical letter forms. Typographical Logos are a text-only treatment of business names.

    Illustrative Logos

    Elite fighters logo

    Illustrative logos…

    Hybrid Logos

    perfection beauty business card

    Hybrid Logos…

    Make it Memory-Smart

    With our complex mentalities, behaviours and intelligence, we consumers are an impressionable bunch. We are influenced by countless mental processes. A well designed Logo makes use of this capacity and turns audience perception into those positive connections that ensure increasing success. We will make your Logo memory-smart.

    Target your niche market with smart focus
    Increased exposure brings increased ROI
    Ad Agencies charge great amounts for Logo Design. We can promise you an equally good quality logo for a fraction of the price