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We'll prevent hackers from taking advantage of vulnerabilities and affecting your eCommerce site or blog

Pharma Hack Security is essential. ‘Pharma Hack‘ is a method of spam injection. Its purpose is to redirect visitors from an otherwise legit site to pharmacy vendor sites that are selling banned drugs (like Viagra, Cialis, Nexium, etc.) or generally offering prescription drugs – without a prescription.

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We'll thoroughly secure your website by enforcing the very best security practices.

WordPress often gets a bad rap for being prone to security vulnerabilities and for not being an inherently safe platform to use for business websites. More often than not this is due to the fact that users don't follow industry-proven security best-practices.

Protect Against Multiple Vulnerabilities

Brute-force login attempts use automated scripts to exploit weak passwords and gain access to your site. 

Malicious redirects create backdoors in WordPress installations using FTP, SFTP, wp-admin, and other protocols and inject redirection codes into the website. 

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is when a malicious script is injected into a trusted website or application. The attacker uses this to send malicious code, typically browser-side scripts, to the end user without them knowing it. 

We Can Swiftly Diagnose and Remove the WordPress Pharma Hack

If you suspect that your site is targetted for Malicious Redirects, or has been Pharma Hacked, Don’t Panic. Relax. Contact us for a free Pharma Hack Security quote and allow us to diagnose and solve your problem.

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WordPress Pharma Hack

This is quite a different attack vector than that of 'Brute Force' password attacks on a WordPress site. Knowledge and experience are necessary factors in solving this. We'll be very happy to solve this for you.

Backdoor Vulnerability

When somebody breaks into your site, the first thing they do is to install a 'Backdoor'. Backdoor's are portals which allow hackers to regain access even after you've found and removed them. Hackers are clever, so it's vital we understand their methods and remain vigilant against them.

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Preventative Measures

Regular updates and preventative measures will effectively protect your site from hackers. We'll help you set up clever usernames and passwords, ensure you always use the latest version of wordpress, update your plugins,themes and wordpress core, lock down wordpress admin, limit login attempts, and take full advantage of Two-Factor authentication. These measures will make your website impregnable.