Visibility is an indispensible factor in building a successful business. In today’s saturated marketplace with its maze of platforms and various methods of capturing people’s attention, we have to be very clever if we’re to make a stronger impact than that of our competitors.

The digital age we live in is extraordinarily useful in its capacity for us to reach a global online audience, but it must be accompanied by more traditional means of communication if businesses are to have an even wider sphere of influence.

We communicate information by signs. Every written character of the alphabet is a sign that conveys a specific meaning. In a world without signs, there would be a lot of mistaken guesswork. We need visible signs in order to navigate life on earth successfully.

Traditional sign writing is a fine art. Signwriters trained for years in bygone centuries, and although traditional (hand painting) signwriters still practice their trade, in this digital age most of these arts are now produced by graphic designers using digital technology. It’s clean, tidy, slick, and time efficient. We’ll leave the Van sign writing  to those talented  professionals who are engaged with higher budgets and less urgent deadlines.

Here at Van signage Burnley, although we value highly the traditional arts, we prefer to use the latest technology for our Van signage. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, the finest materials, state-of-the-art Mimaki printers etc. We like to make an impact; so we consider high quality, well designed signage to be a vital part of our activities as a full service graphics agency.