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WordPress Training Professionals
Learn how to build beautiful, mobile friendly websites using the World’s number 1 Platform – WordPress, A free and open-source Content Management System. You will learn how to setup and start building WordPress Websites, quick and effectively.
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One on One WordPress Training

Master WordPress with the Help of WordPress Web Design Professionals

Although WordPress is free and open-source, it can be complicated to edit if you lack the required skills to so so. Professional websites need to both operate efficiently and to look great. With our WordPress Training package we'll teach you all the best practices so that your site is secure, robust, reliable, fully mobile responsive and search engine friendly...all of which will improve your Google page rankings greatly.


Hands-on practical training delivered by specialist Trainers

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Build A New Website While you Train

Learn to use the world's greatest CMS website builder

We will teach you the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) thoroughly, from initial Setup through Site Structure, Visual Design, Installing Themes & Plugins,  Adding Features, Functions, and Optimizing Performance

WordPress Design

WordPress Setup

You will install and setup your own WordPress website from scratch, adding content, text, links, formatting, images and videos

Site Structure

Structure the site with navigation menus, including drop-down sub-menus. Learn all best practices to make your site easy and simple for visitors to use

UI/UX Rich Design


WordPress Themes allow you to work with high quality, pre-designed templates. With thousands of these available - you'll learn how to install the theme best suited to your needs; then how to customise it, add your logo and change the overall colour scheme.

Our Training Package:

  1. How to set up WordPress
  2. How to use the new WordPress Block Editor
  3. How to publish posts, pages, images and video
  4. Structuring your WordPress website
  5. Comment moderation
  6. How to make your site look great with WordPress Themes
  7. How to add functionality to your site with WordPress Plugins
  8. Search Engine Optimisation
  9. Security
  10. How to take advantage of the social web
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